From Burned Out to Unstoppable

From Burned Out to Unstoppable

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From Burned Out to Unstoppable is a guide for women overwhelmed from wearing all the hats, who want to achieve their goals with ease and enjoy their lives more. It’s time for you to run your schedule (and your life) instead of letting your schedule run you.

After hitting burnout repeatedly by her early twenties, Alejandra realized her beliefs about success and hustle weren’t working. For the next five years, she dedicated herself to owning her productivity, redefining her priorities and achieving the elusive goal of balance. Alejandra has created the blueprint for clarity on what really matters and the methods you can employ to design your life.

What you can expect from this book: 
Become unstoppable with ease. Increase your productivity. Have more balance.

  • Getting rid of burnout.
  • Creating long-lasting changes.
  • Finding the balance you’ve always dreamed of.

From Burned Out to Unstoppable is a valuable resource not only for your business but also for your life. Burnout can affect every single aspect of your life and it’s the first thing that will make you quit on your goals. That’s why this book will help you address all of the following pain points:

  • No more burnout.
  • No more overworking.
  • No more wondering if you’re doing the right thing.
  • No more perfectionism.
  • No more distractions or procrastination.
  • No more living on a go-go-go mindset and always “on” mode.
  • No more needless stress, tension, and frustration!

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