About Us

The Wellness Boutique bio

The Wellness Boutique will offer sustainable clothing, accessories, bags, wellness products and services. All intentionally chosen by Naz because of the story behind them all. Cinco by Naz is an exclusive line that Naz designs from the inspiration that she has experienced by travelling the world and embracing culture. 

Powerful Stories

Every piece will hold a very powerful story that will leave you feeling elevated and beautiful. You will feel like a woman of grace and appeal from the touch of the gorgeous fabric upon your skin to the way the clothing hugs your body.

All products within the store will be unique and special. A few pieces will be available to create that one of a kind experience and consistent new inventory will be an exciting part of frequenting the boutique.

Our Mission

The mission of The Wellness Boutique by Naz is to create community and a sisterhood. Naz is a world class Health and Life coach and will lead regular workshops for women who seek to balance their hormones, feel optimal energy and care deeply for themselves. These workshops will take place at the boutique to extend sustainability into your lifestyle.

Get to know Naz

Naz is a world class Health & Life Coach who has changed lives globally for those who desire to stand in their power and make health a priority. Naz has a passion for gut and & hormone health, nutrition, health practices and total self acceptance and love. 

Naz teaches an approach that changes the common toxic narrative of weight loss, calorie counting, and deprivation. By working with Naz, you will learn to eradicate shame, guilt, toxic habits, and self sabotage. By eliminating these, you will gain confidence, balanced hormones, optimal gut health and radical self-love. 

Naz will teach you what works versus what’s popular and has held women captive throughout history. This is what has led her to be known as rebellious. She speaks out about women’s health in a way that serves, cares, and holds a high level of compassion. Learn to fall deeply in love with who you are while caring deeply for yourself. 

Naz coaches and mentors through 1:1, group and mastermind programs along side her top rated podcast The Rebellious Women Podcast. Naz has been featured within various publications globally as well as speaking on stages and podcasts all over the world.